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National aerospace University "KhAI"

National Aerospace University “Kharkiv Aviation Institute” (KhAI) named by N.Ye.Zhukovskiy is the only engineering University in Ukraine providing full cycle of higher education in the field of aviation and aerospace science. Founded in 1930, KhAI has over 12,000 students, 800 teachers, 1146 researchers, and over 2600 employees. 75% of teachers have academic titles of Professors and Associate Professors, scientific PhD and Dr.Sc. degrees. Today, KhAI provides training of students on 45 major subjects at its 44 chairs. It is a member of International Association of Universities IAU/UNESCO.


KhAI participates in numerous international collaborative research projects in aeronautic and space areas with academic and industrial partners from Germany, France, UK, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Israel, USA, Japan, Mexico, S. Korea and China. Amongst the University’s diversified research activities, the following advanced areas are in top priority: aerodynamic and wind tunnel tests; aircraft/helicopters/spacecraft/UAV; CAD/CAM/CAE design; aircraft engines design and performances improvement; space propulsion systems (plasma thrusters/electric propulsion/etc.); aircraft/spacecraft dependable control systems (based on FPGA approach) and equipment; aerospace thermal engineering; material science and high-performance coatings deposition; advanced aeronautic structures manufacturing processes;  composite structures design and manufacturing; structural strength analysis and improvement; digital signals and images processing.


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Institute of Aerospace Engineering, Brno University of Technology

Including its responsibility for the national Aerospace Research Centre, IAE-BUT cooperates in research activities with over 100 researchers (included Aeronautical Research and Testing Institute in Prague and Czech Technical University in Prague) and support staff across the Czech Republic. IAE-BUT has long and successful experience in aircraft design and testing. It collaborates closely with industry and is a member of the Association of Aviation Manufacturers in Czech Republic (ALV-CR) which is member of ASD and IMG4. The institute was involved in the design of several airplanes, mainly in the general aviation (GA) category (most of them developed and certified in accordance with CS-23 regulations). In fact, IAE-BUT was involved in all major aerospace projects within Czech Republic during the past 15 years: Aero Ae-270 Ibis (single-engine turboprop, 10 seats), Evektor EV55 (twin-engine turboprop, 10 seats), and HPH 304S (composite glider), etc. IAE-BUT started also its own projects: KP-2U Owl (single-engine, 2 seat ultralight airplane) and VUT100 Cobra (single-engine, 4-5 seat airplane, In co-operation with an industrial partner, KP-2U went into serial production with over 180 airplanes being produced. Meanwhile, the VUT100 Cobra aircraft project has been taken over by EVEKTOR company and the aircraft is currently being certified.


Also, IAE-BUT has built its own certified Aircraft Testing Laboratory. Approval for structural testing is valid for all European countries.This was proved when structural tests of motor glider for German company Stemme or acrobatic airplane X-treme in category unlimited have been performed. In total, since the year 2000, over 300 tests have been performed in the lab on 25 different types of airplanes.

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Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation

Fraunhofer-IFF is engaged in applied research and development. Since its foundation in 1992, Fraunhofer-IFF has established itself both nationally and internationally. The institute’s core competencies are reflected in its institutional divisions Logistics Systems and Networks, Virtual Development and Training, Information Logistics, Production and Plant Management as well as Automation. Clients include contracting authorities and international industrial corporations as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, e.g. from mechanical and plant engineering, the aircraft industry, shipbuilding, medical technology or the automotive industry. They profit from the Fraunhofer specialists’ intensive preliminary research and interdisciplinary mode of work.


Usually shaped by years of experience in industry, they are familiar with their clients’ needs. Fraunhofer-IFF concentrates its research and development on virtual engineering, logistics, material handling engineering and systems, automation and plant engineering. It is interested to expand these activities in Ukraine including the field of aerospace. It is a partner for clients from small and medium-sized enterprises, industry, research and government.

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Centre for Integrated Electronic Systems and Biomedical Engineering,
Tallinn University of Technology

Tallinn University of Technology (TTÜ) has over 13000 students and 800 academic staff members. The Centre for Integrated Electronic Systems and Biomedical Engineering (CEBE) is an Estonian centre of excellence in research. It is based on the cooperation of three departments of TTÜ (Dept of Computer Engineering, Dept of Electronics, and Technomedicum). CEBE’s mission is to carry out fundamental and strategic interdisciplinary R&D in the fields of electronic components, systems, computer and biomedical engineering by a collaborating consortium with applications in medicine, semiconductor and information technologies. CEBE includes circa 80 researchers, of which circa 40 are senior staff members and the rest are PhD students. CEBE’s R&D is carried out in the fields of: Design and test of dependable digital systems; Analogue design and signal processing; Semiconductor materials and nanotechnologies; and Biomedical engineering. The objectives are to reduce time-to-market and to ensure high quality and reliability of embedded systems by developing new methods for test generation and fault diagnosis taking into account the knowledge of new types of physical defects caused by new emerging technologies.

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Intelligentsia Consultants

Intelligentsia Consultants provide high quality, practical, knowledge-based consultancy services to support science, technology and innovation in the public and private sectors. We are especially active in Central and East Europe. Our service portfolio is focused on five key areas: innovation management; technology transfer; policy analysis and design; evaluation and impact assessment; and information and communication services.

1. Innovation management: we have extensive experience of providing support to private companies involved in new product and service development. Services include innovation management audits, technology and competitive watch, product design and development and marketing of innovation;

2. Technology transfer: we work with public and private organizations to help them develop commercial applications from scientific research. Services include technology audit, patent search and assessment, industrial partner search, public R&D proposal writing and business plan development (e.g. start-up and spin-out companies);

3. Policy analysis and design: we assist regional, national and international policy makers with their science, technology and innovation policy development. We support the entire policy development and implementation cycle from concepts through policy development and programme design;

4. We conduct ex-ante and ex-post evaluations as well as impact assessment of science, technology and innovation projects and programmes for national and international organisations; and

5. Information and communication services: we provide a wide range of information and communications services: editorial services, creation of specialist content, web publishing and web marketing.


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The KhAI-ERA project is funded by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research & Innovations under the FP7 Capacities Specific Programme on International Cooperation – Grant Agreement no 294311

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