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Strategy development


Following the EU experts assessment of the University research activities and based on the provided recommendations, KhAI has built an integral R&D Strategy that describes specific goals and activities planned for the 7-years period. Its overall aim is to augment KhAI research excellence on regional, national, and international level.


Acting in line with the overall mission to develop scientific and industrial potential of Ukrainian aerospace and high-technology sector and intensify sustainable development of the society and knowledge-based economy, up to 2020 KhAI will have:
  • Up-to-date R&D infrastructure in key priority areas (modern or upgraded facilities, instruments, measuring and computing devices, software, etc.)
  • Active research groups in key priority areas with the average age of 45
  • Favourable research environment which will constantly attract new researchers to the University R&D infrastructure (especially research-oriented Master and PhD Students)
  • Stably developing international research cooperation in all key priority areas (successful integration of KhAI research groups to international research networks)
  • Ongoing close cooperation with industry and business (research contracts, joint research work)
  • Steady University system of intellectual right protection and licensing as an integral part of technology transfer system.


To achieve successfully these strategic goals KhAI will realize research and education processes according to the 5 basic principles that take into account KhAI extensive experience and current societal values, needs, and demands:
  • Education through research
  • Support and development of scientific schools 
  • Promotion and encouragement of research in priority areas
  • Increased responsibility for research outputs
  • Research through innovation


Networking with respect to FP7 


As KhAI-ERA project is aimed to involve KhAI into European research it provides networking relevant to such FP7 themes as Transport, Space, ICT and Research for SMEs.


For this purpose KhAI will take part in Commission organized info-days and brokerage events dedicated to relevant calls, in European conferences and European Technology Platform events to keep the track of up-to-date developments and topics of interest in Europe.


KhAI researchers will contact different research centers and organizations from EU Member States and Associate Countries who are participating at FP7 Transport, Space, ICT and Research for SMEs calls to forge relationships and create a platform for future collaboration and joint proposals application in the frame of FP7 and future program for research and innovation Horizon2020.


To stimulate KhAI researchers` training, mobility and career development it is provided to investigate European universities and public research organizations involved in FP7 People and Marie Curie International Actions that offer short-to-medium term internships.


As the member of KhAI-ERA Consortium – Intelligensia Consultans Ltd – has a wide experience in managing public funded R&D related projects, they will provide research proposal preparation trainings tailored to specific calls of FP7 (e.g. Transport, Space, ICT and Research for SMEs) for interested scientists and engineers from KhAI and other Ukrainian research organisations and private companies. In particular, an effort will be made to attract young female and male researchers to attend the training events. Where appropriate, European researchers involved in aerospace research with experience of writing successful FP6/7 proposals and managing successful FP6/7 projects will support the training sessions.


In 2011 KhAI is scheduled to become the   FP7 Aeronautics NCP for Ukraine, so the KhAI-ERA project includes the activity aimed to rise KhAI`s NCP staff competence. NCP personnel, appointed by University management, will attend annual FP7 National Contact Point training events in Europe. 

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Project Funding & Support

The KhAI-ERA project is funded by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research & Innovations under the FP7 Capacities Specific Programme on International Cooperation – Grant Agreement no 294311

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