the National Aerospace University "KhAI"
into European Research Area


Planned activities


In order to achieve KhAI overall aim of being integrated into ERA, several activities are provided during the KhAI-ERA project.


The main objective of twinning activity is to develop KhAI’s research partnerships by exchanging scientific information and setting up joint experiments with IAE-BUT, Fraunhofer-IFF and CEBE-TUT as well as  to develop additional partnerships with European research centres with the support of Intelligentsia


KhAI’s researchers will make visits to the research centres of the consortium partners IAE-BUT, Fraunhofer-IFF and CEBE-TUT. Meanwhile, IAE-BUT’s, Fraunhofer-IFF’s and CEBE-TUT’s researchers will make reciprocal visits to KhAI. These meetings will enable the realisation of:


  • Consortium partner introductions: research area and achievements, objectives and capabilities;
  • Definition of mutually interesting research areas amongst the research topics A) composite materials, B) advanced manufacturing processes for aircraft assembly, and C) dependable embedded systems;
  • Organization of efficient long-term information exchange in identified mutually interesting research areas: research achievements dissemination, joint publications, organization of thematic workshops with external experts involvement;
  • Set up of joint experiment: objectives and definition of initial conditions, research plan development and realisation monitoring, received results discussion, and possible application field definition;
  • Training modules development and implementation;
  • Production of competitive ideas that corresponds to the European industry priorities for further development into beneficial project proposals;
  • Joint proposal preparation for participation in European R&D programmes;
  • Further collaboration basis development (after the KhAI-ERA project has ended).

Dissemination and Promotion

The objective of Dissemination and Promotion activity is to increase awareness of KhAI’s scientific excellence amongst European research organisations. A multilateral approach will be adopted to achieve this:


  • promotion of the project activities and results through a project website;
  • publication of a promotion guide about KhAI;
  • production of project promotional material
  • organisation of an international conference on aerospace science and engineering;
  • organisation of workshops involving regional and national aerospace research institutions and companies;

Training Development

The objective of Training Development is to increase the human potential of KhAI through specialised training in the three research topics – Composite Materials, Advanced Manufacturing for Aircraft Assembly, and Dependable Embedded Systems – as well as the FP7 Transport/Space/ICT programmes. According to this training modulus will be developed relevant to Research Topics and FP7 research priorities.

 Strategy Development

The objective is to increase KhAI’s medium to long term research quality and capability by developing a strategy for KhAI in order to augment its research excellence, increase its regional coverage, improve its response to national socio-economic needs, and deepen ties with the European aerospace industry and research organisations. According to this a team of international, independent experts will be formed to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the current research quality and capability of KhAI, within the context of deepening ties with the European aerospace industry and public research organisations.

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Project Funding & Support

The KhAI-ERA project is funded by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research & Innovations under the FP7 Capacities Specific Programme on International Cooperation – Grant Agreement no 294311

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