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Research Topic A

Composite Materials

Knowledge exchange


One of the KhAI-ERA objectives is to twin KhAI with European research and innovation organizations. Within the frame of research topic A both KhAI and IAE-BUT researchers visit each other in order to exchange scientific knowledge. This task is implemented by tree categories of researchers:


  • top-level professor/associated professor (PhD or Dr.Sc.) with 10+ experience of research in the area of composite materials
  • mid level -- postdoc (PhD) with 3+ years experience of research in the area of composite materials
  • young scientist -- PhD student/researcher currently making research in the area of composite materials

The scope of scientific knowledge exchange:

  • for years 1 and 2 - Composite materials application in aeronautic structures, design approaches, specific requirements and possible difficulties
  • for years 2 and 3 - Aeronautic composite structures manufacturing and repair processes


Set up of joint experiments


During the KhAI-ERA project implementation in order to perform KhAI and IAE-BUT twinning their experienced, mid-level and young researchers set up the following joint experiments:


  • Light aircraft redesign (year 1 and 2)


Task:          redesign metal aircraft
Objective: to achieve sufficient weight saving by replacement of some metal primary structures with composite     ones


  • Manufacturing process optimization (year 2 and 3)


Tasks:            1. Optimize cure degree regime;

                        2. Develop an efficient manufacturing tool
Objectives:   1. Manufacturing time and costs reducing;
                        2. Structure quality increasing


Training modules development


KhAI’s experts established permanent contacts with IAE-BUT’s trainers and lecturers in order to organize training modules and deliver workshops in composite materials for experienced researchers and summer schools for young researchers. Training modules are intended for KhAI`s experienced, mid-level and young participants selected in competitive basis taking into account their teaching activity, experience, gender issues and language skills.


Training modules on composite materials cover the following topics

Year 1:

  • Specific approaches for composite aeronautic structures and joint units design.

Year 2:

  • Advanced FEM methods application for composite aeronautic structures design and optimization;
  • New manufacturing processes for aeronautic composite structures quality increasing and manufacturing costs reduction.

Year 3:

  • Efficient and economical manufacturing tooling development for specified life-time ensuring;
  • New techniques for metal/non-metal aeronautic structures repair with composite materials application.


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Project Funding & Support

The KhAI-ERA project is funded by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research & Innovations under the FP7 Capacities Specific Programme on International Cooperation – Grant Agreement no 294311

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