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Ukraine is one of the nine world countries possessing the whole cycle of aerospace products design and manufacturing. Therefore the demand for highqualified professionals and new emerging ideas and technologies is continuously growing.


Since its establishment in 1930th the National Aerospace University has played an important role in aerospace S&T development due to its high-level staff’s and students’ potential and sustainable generation of new knowledge.
We have strong international reputation in various research areas through our understanding of future needs and opportunities which are set to drive the KhAI’s interdisciplinary research and education strategies.


Our R&D focus is generally aligned with the national goal of achieving technological excellence and self-reliance. The University has on-going academic and research collaborations with many national and international universities and industries, in order to remain abreast of current frontiers of knowledge and global developments, and also to be always aware of community needs.


Our S&T Labs and Centres carry out research in key areas of science and engineering, e.g. mathematics, solid state physics, fluid, gas and plasma mechanics, design and manufacturing of aerospace models, engines, various devices, radio electronic systems, information technologies, etc. Among the unique research facilities available at KhAI there are two having the status of National Heritage of Ukraine:
• the Aerodynamic Complex, consisting of supersonic wind tunnel, 5 subsonic wind tunnels and acoustics laboratory;
• the Inter-branch Research Institute of Aircraft Flight Modes Physical Modeling Problems.


KhAI research teams are always opened for starting new research collaborations in different types of projects and will be glad to become a part of consortia created to tackle problems arising in aerospace industry growth and development.


Key areas of KhAI research (but not limited to):
• Aerodynamics, including subsonic, supersonic, hypersonic fluid dynamics and wind tunnel tests
• CAD/CAM/CAE design of aeronautic structures and elements
• Strength analysis and FEM simulation
• Aircraft structures full-scale structural testing and durability study
• Advanced coatings development 
• High-strength composite structures design and simulation
• Aircraft manufacturing and assembly processes development
• Advanced manufacturing tools development for processes automation increasing
• Aircraft propulsion
• Gas-dynamic processes simulation
• Aircraft control systems, including: avionics, dependable embedded systems and fault-tolerant adaptive systems
• Unmanned aerial vehicles
• Remote sensing systems


More specific information on these and other KhAI research directions is presented in the KhAI Research brochure.

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The KhAI-ERA project is funded by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research & Innovations under the FP7 Capacities Specific Programme on International Cooperation – Grant Agreement no 294311

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